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Two brothers;
two brothers. one of them wants to take you apart. two brothers. one of them wants to put you back together.
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Here, have my opinion on something

I’m going to take some time out of your day to talk about the Reapersex comic, even though I’m sort of late. I wasn’t planning on getting involved in it but one of my friends got involved and I decided I might as well dump my opinions here. You’ve probably all heard about what’s going, or at least heard the squabbling in the Sherlock fandom over it. (And if you’d like to read the comic and decide for yourself what you think, you can do so here) If you haven’t heard all the arguing I’ll break it down how I understand it:

There are two sides to this- the side that believes the comic is encouraging/endorsing rape and the side that doesn’t. I’m on the latter side. And I’ll tell you why. 

Because the reapersex comic doesn’t contain rape. To put it simply, it just doesn’t. It wasn’t meant that way by the creators and I’m pretty sure you’d have to make a mountain of a molehill to find that it does. John doesn’t even say ‘no’ the entire time Sherlock is on him, he doesn’t say ‘stop’, he doesn’t say that he doesn’t want it. At one point he does say ‘get off’ but that’s because Sherlock bit him. Does Sherlock biting mean it’s rape? No. It means that it’s rough. Not to mention, Sherlock DID say he would bite John, so he knew it was coming. Sherlock’s just a prick.

It’s porn that has rough sex. That’s it, that’s all. End of story. 

And to those who think it might trigger people, I do somewhat agree. However, I don’t think that means you should hate on it. (And if you were personally triggered by it then my sympathies go out to you and you should probably unfollow reapersex, as no one is stopping you) There are so many different things that could trigger someone. It doesn’t have to be rape-related or sexual or anything. It could be a belt. Does that mean people who wear belts and who enjoy doing so should be put down and ashamed or the makers of the belt should stop? No, of course not. The same principle applies here. 

Besides, someone who was raped or sexually abused probably should know not to look into pornographic comics anyway. Whether it contains non-con or not, it’s just NOT a good idea, okay? It’s kind of setting themselves up for something horrible. So, if there’s a chance you could be triggered you shouldn’t risk it. Possible panic attacks aren’t worth it.

Finally, I hate what this has done to people, to this fandom. I would expect this kind of hate from some other fandoms but not from this one! Is one smutty comic all it takes to reduce us to a bunch of wild animals screaming “I HOPE YOU DIE BITCH!”? We are the clever fandom, the detail-oriented fandom who are brought together by our shared sobs and Reichenfeels, eagerly awaiting Season 3 with cups of tea and plush otters. We create, we formulate, we deduce. Do we really want to let this be our undoing? I hope we all come to our senses soon and return to being the wonderful Sherlockians we were before. 

So, to quickly and concisely summarize: Hate isn’t our division and if we don’t do something soon it’ll burn the heart out of us. Because that’s what haters DO. So calm down if convenient. If inconvenient calm down anyway. We are a great fandom and one day, we might even be a good one. 

-Opinion ends here. Have a nice day and thanks for reading! And sorry for perpetuating this argument by throwing my opinion out there, I don’t normally do this, I just really want what I think to be heard for once-

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